Government Contractor & Small Business Services Discount Program

United States Business Registration has strategic partnership agreements with a multitude of organizations to offer services that Government Contractors need and utilize on a daily basis. Each of our partnerships offer discounted rates and/or promotional offers to Government Contractors & Certified Small Businesses alike. We are saving you the time of having to research multiple companies for these services as we (USBRI) has had direct business dealings with at least 80% of the partners listed. We are continuously adding new services as we finalize the discounts and promotional offers for each.

The primary factors in deciding which organizations to partner with to include in this list are based on the following factors:

  1. Is this a service or resource that will assist a small business in reducing expenses, operating more efficiently, increase productivity and/or become more profitable?
  2. Does this organization have a track record or reputation that exceeds that of their competitors?
  3. USBRI has personally conducted business directly with at least 80% of the organizations we have created partnerships with. Therefore we feel very comfortable in referring you to any of the partnerships we have created as we have had great experiences with each and every partner listed.

Small Business Funding & Lines of Credit – very low cost of capital (total interest paid), many funding options, excellent service, same day approval, next day funding and receive a $50 Gift Card as a Certified Small Business or Government Contractor.  Click HERE to Apply Now

Web Services of All Types – build a website, web hosting, register domain names, web marketing, SSL Certificates, business email (, e-commerce, SEO, technical assistance, 24/7 Sales & Support and receive a 10% discount as a Certified Small Business or Government Contractor. Click HERE to Visit Disounted Site