FEMA Contractors Needed for California Thomas Fire Relief

How to Start Doing Business with FEMA & Get Contracts

1) Have a SAM Registration & Certification (Optimized & Compliant) – enables organizations to be paid by the Federal Government – updated to include your request to participate in the FEMA Disaster Response Program

2) Detailed SBA DSBS Profile – so you can be located for No-Bid Contracts & submission to FEMA’s Disaster Response Registry

3) Daily FBO Email Search Agent & Report (New Federal Business Opportunities emailed daily)

4) Vendor Profile Submission to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Liaison Program (ILP) with a more accurate description of your company’s products/services/geographic areas served. FEMA is more likely to call upon these companies immediately as your company’s information has been added into the “Logistics Action Plan Phase I” in the event of a disaster.

5) Find out if you qualify for any Small Business Set-Asides. The Federal Government and Prime Contractors are legally mandated to award contracts to Certified Small Businesses. Other specific socio-economic categories (Woman Owned, Veteran Owned, Minority Owned, & HUBZone) also qualify for additional priority access to government contracts . There’s a good chance you qualify, call & check.

6) Receive a list of DHS Prime Contractors in Disaster areas that MUST  SUBCONTRACT with Certified Small Businesses, Woman Owned – WOSB, HUBZone, 8(a) and  Veteran Owned – VOSB / SDVOSB Small Businesses.

7)Receive Contact Information for the Primary State Agencies spearheading Disaster Efforts (about half the money used for Recovery goes through State Agencies via Federal Grants)

1-888-646-9998 opt. 1

When disasters arrive, FEMA needs services from ALL TYPES of businesses. Whether it’s construction, distribution or healthcare; there are thousands of opportunities available (Recovery takes a few years at best). The steps above not only Federally Certify your organization to immediately bid on contracts, but also gives you the proper contact . By taking these steps, it also puts your organization in place to continuously bid on future contracts & Contracting Officers can find you when looking for a Certified Vendor in a particular area. Specialty Programs (like this) work together & your status & details must be posted accurately across multiple databases to truly work together in order to help your level of success. That’s why we are here, to Help Guide You and increase your chances of success.

Why Work With the Federal Government?

The Government Needs You!

The United States Federal Government is dependent on contractors of all sizes to provide goods and services to the largest purchaser in the world. Small businesses are the most vital to this model. There are multiple Federal Regulations in place that mandate a certain percentage of ALL Federal Contracting Dollars be awarded to such. Once Certified, your competition is highly reduced.


United States Business Registration is a service firm that handles and manages the System for Award Management (S.A.M.) Registration & Certification process for contractors, vendors, non-profits and government agencies directly with the IRS and DLA. USBRI offers assistance to organizations of all sizes who provide a product or service to the Federal Government or applies for Federal Grants/Assistance/Funding. We physically prepare and process the SAM Registration & Certification filings for organizations by facilitating the entire application process and working towards the fastest approval by the IRS and DLA. We ensure proper assignment of a CAGE Code, MPIN, NAICS Codes, PSC Codes, FSC Codes and all other necessary code assignments (including handling all annual updates & system or code changes) Once approval is received, we direct organizations what specific resources and databases they need to be listed in and to be utilizing those avenues correctly. A dedicated CRS is assigned to all organizations for a 12 month period for assistance and guidance along the way. They will try to answer any question ever arising regarding Government Procurement and assist in any way possible (within reason). Whether you are already registered and need to know how to locate contracts or you are brand new to the Government Sector and wish to grow your business, a CRS will be able to assist you get you started in the right direction with the proper tools almost immediately. Most companies can start receiving and winning contracts within 2 weeks of beginning the process with USBRI.