Contracting Officers

The introduction of the new System for Award Management has  brought several changes to federal procurement processes and  procedures.  United States Business Registration can help procurement  officers locate new vendors or verify a vendor’s registration status  quickly and easily.

There are over 650,000 registrants in SAM  with hundreds more vendors joining every day.  Federal agencies are  under enormous pressure to award contracts to qualified small businesses and new vendors.  Federal regulations require contracting officers to  perform market research and choose suppliers and service providers more  like how the private commercial sector does.

Since its launch,  the System for Award Management has experienced numerous issues, causing  delays and headaches for federal employees facing deadlines and budget  shortages.  The FAR requires that purchasing officers verify a  contractor’s registration and status prior to issuing a contract award.   However, updates to federal procurement systems have resulted in  problems for contracting officers trying to complete these required  tasks.

United States Business Registration can help you find new  vendors for your project or verify the registration status of a  contractor in minutes.  Our Certified Registration Specialists are highly trained and  acclimated with SAM allowing them to find the information you need  rapidly.  Call our Help Desk today at (888)  646-9998 ext 1 for immediate assistance.