FEMA Contractors Needed for Hurricane Dorian Disaster Response Relief


Obtaining the proper Registrations, Certifications and other specific industry licenses has become a must to minimize fraud and protect the consumer and legit businesses alike. Inspectors and Detectives are checking such regulation compliance issues on the ground almost immediately. To be compliant and obtain work and/or FEMA contracts, it’s imperative to have the proper filings in place and know where to go or look to get the work.

Contractors always swarm areas immediately after a natural disaster hoping for a piece of the pie. It can be chaotic, confusing and cut-throat with informal subcontracting agreements made on the ground which may not be enforceable. Multiple branches of the Federal and State Governments have tightened up this process and have proper steps in place in order to be a part of the disaster response, relief and/or recovery.

If you are interested in pursuing or helping with the damage caused by Hurricane Dorian, complete the form below to be contacted by a CRS  within 24 hours regarding the Registration & Certification process to work as a contractor during and after natural disasters with:

  • FEMA
  • State Emergency Management Agencies
  • Army Corps of Engineers for all types of Debris Removal
  • DHS Prime Contractors – subcontracting opportunities for Federally Certified Small Businesses
  • Local Prime Vendors established by the Robert T Stafford Act
  • State & Local Government Contracts – Vary by state

Businesses of all kinds are needed for Disaster Response and Disaster Relief Contracts and Work. The normal repair and relief operation takes up to 2 years for a Hurricane, Flood and Natural Disaster of this Scale.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Don’t Waste Time – Get Started Now — Each Day Counts–

Doing Business with FEMA/State Emergency Agencies &

How to Start Getting Contracts for Hurricane Response & Relief Now

USBRI has created a service specifically for Small Businesses and this situation. Our FEMA Package includes all the proper legal filings with the multiple agencies, unlimited support & contract info starting with:

  1. Obtain or update DUNS # (Unique Entity Identifier)
  2.  SAM Registration & Certification – (enables organizations to be paid by the Government)
  3. Federal Small Business Certification (if applicable)
  4. FBO Daily Contract Search Agent – reports emailed daily
  5. Vendor Profile Submission for the (FEMA) Liaison Program (ILP) which serves as an information provider with program offices in support of FEMA’s mission.
  6. Registration & Contact Information with the Federal & State Agencies Spearheading the efforts:  State Emergency Management Agencies, Army Corps of Engineers, (about half the money used goes through State Agencies via Federal Grants)
  7. List of DHS Prime Contractors looking to subcontract with Federally Certified Small Businesses
  8. USBRI Direct Vendor Seal shows your filings are in order & professionally maintained (gain a very big edge this way)
  9. Unlimited CRS Support for 12 months – call for any reason

Call USBRI’s Help Desk for Immediate Assistance

We can complete the entire list above quickly so you may begin doing what you are best at instead of navigating the red tape.

Mon – Fri    (9am – 5pm EST)

When disasters arrive, FEMA needs services from ALL TYPES of businesses during Disaster Response & Relief Efforts. Whether it’s construction, distribution or healthcare; there are thousands of opportunities available (Recovery takes a few years at best). Once the first few steps are complete, you are eligible to work with FEMA as well as contracts or jobs with Local, County, State, Federal and Military Agencies. All of the types of Government Contracts can be sent to you via email as soon as posted.

Why Work With the Federal Government?

The Government Needs You!

The United States Federal Government is dependent on contractors of all sizes to provide goods and services to the largest purchaser in the world. Small businesses are the most vital to this model. There are multiple Federal Regulations in place that mandate a certain percentage of ALL Federal Contracting Dollars be awarded to Certified Small Businesses. Once Certified, your competition is highly reduced.


United States Business Registration is a firm that specializes in assisting Small Businesses in being successful in the Government Contract Arena. USBRI hold an “A+” rating with the BBB since our founding almost 10 years ago.

USBRI offers Federal Small Business Certifications and assistance to organizations of all sizes who provide a product or service to the Federal Government or applies for Federal Grants/Assistance/Funding. We physically prepare and process the SAM Registration & Certification filings for organizations by facilitating the entire application process and working towards the fastest approval by the IRS and DLA. We ensure proper assignment of a CAGE Code, MPIN, NAICS Codes, PSC Codes, FSC Codes and all other necessary code assignments. 

A dedicated CRS is assigned to all organizations for a 12 month period for assistance and guidance when needed and try to answer any question ever arising regarding Government Procurement. Whether you are already registered and need to know how to locate contracts or you are brand new to the Government Sector and wish to grow your business, a CRS will be able to assist you with all these matters and get you started in the right direction with the proper tools to be successful.