How do I add my company to the Disaster Response Registry?

To add your company to the Disaster Response Registry your entity must be fully registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) for federal contracts and other procurement opportunities in accordance with FAR Subpart 4.11 System for Award Management, to be included in the Disaster Response Registry. On Average it takes 1-2 weeks for your registration (if it is new) to be Active in SAM. It could take longer so make sure you give yourself an adequate amount of time to get the registration done. You can also acquire a Certified Registration Specialist (CRS) to help you through the process and facilitate your SAM registration for you.

During the registration process, you must indicate that you want to participate in the Disaster Response Registry and provide the required information on the Disaster Response Information page within the Assertions module ( a CRS could make sure this is done for you). Once your registration is active, you will be added to the Disaster Response Registry and contracting officers will be able to locate your company through the Disaster Response Registry Search.

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