How To Become A FEMA Vendor.

In the aftermath of a disaster, potential contractors swarm to the site hoping for a piece of the clean-up and recover effort. For inexperienced companies and contractors it can be confusing. Some third-party firms falsely promise no-bid contracts to those who pay to be on a “priority vendors list” (there is no such thing). Government officials in charge of relief efforts are overwhelmed and information may be hard to come by.

To be a FEMA vendor you must have several things in place.

  1. Make sure you are registered in all applicable databases and that your company information is accurate and complete (including detailed capabilities listings). Make sure Data is consistent across all various registrations. (i.e., use the same company name, address numbers, ect). This will make it easier for government agencies to cross check your information.
  2. Make sure your company is well represented on the internet, with an up to date website that clearly describes the goods and services you offer. Especially in emergencies, agency buyers may rely on the internet for market research.
  3. Actively research to find contracting opportunities and then peruse them.


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