Most Important Steps Taken by Successful Government Contractors


Useful Facts About Small Businesses & Government Contracting:

  1. 23{d6581dd342f3329045cfa50c9b1373dc4cc79079b04830e39408eb42854dd685} of Federal Contracting Dollars are Set-Aside for Small Businesses
  2. Federal Contracts $150,000 and under are commonly called “Small Business Set-Asides”
  3. Only 30{d6581dd342f3329045cfa50c9b1373dc4cc79079b04830e39408eb42854dd685} of these Small Business Contracts are found and won on FBO (FedBizOpps)
  4. Contracts below $25,000 are almost never posted to the public, commonly called “No-Bid Contracts”

Most Important Steps for Successful Government Contractors

* 89{d6581dd342f3329045cfa50c9b1373dc4cc79079b04830e39408eb42854dd685} of Government Contractors Who Win Awards Have These Items in Place *

* Having These Items In Place Increase Chances of Winning Awards by 296{d6581dd342f3329045cfa50c9b1373dc4cc79079b04830e39408eb42854dd685} *

There is a multitude of registrations, certifications and profiles vendors must obtain to become compliant per current Federal Acquisition Regulations (F.A.R.) in order to become a Successful Government Contractor. However, the most important items that apply to ALL vendors to increase their chances of winning a contract or to be proactively found by Contracting Officers are listed below:

    • SAM Registration – Detailed registration database tracking where money is going to who & for what. This is where assignment of a DUNS Number, CAGE Code, PSC Codes, NAICS Codes, MPIN and others occur. (NOT USED FOR AWARDING CONTRACTS).
    • DSBS Profile – Dynamic Small Business Search used for locating Certified Small Businesses for “No-Bid Contracts” (under $25,000 & not posted publicly), to verify “Set-Aside Certifications” (I.E. WOSB, EDWOSB, VOSB, HUBZone, 8a, etc.) & to research vendors when multiple bids are received.
    • SBA Profile – Some databases & profiles are still maintained by the SBA, we ensure all platforms relay the same information.
    • Federal Small Business Certification – 23{d6581dd342f3329045cfa50c9b1373dc4cc79079b04830e39408eb42854dd685} of Federal Contracting Dollars must be awarded to a “Certified Small Business” including contracts $150,000 & below which are automatically considered “Small Business Set-Asides”.
    • Daily FBO Contract Notifications – Daily Email Notifications of Federal Contracts above $25,000 ONLY
    • Personal Capabilities Statement – This is a one page specially formatted document outlining information Contracting Officers require when awarding a contract. CAPABILITY STATEMENTS ARE MANDATORY WITH ALMOST ALL BID SUBMISSIONS.
    • FEMA Vendor Profile – Additional detailed information on your organization is submitted directly to FEMA to be listed in their Disaster Response Registry database.



The list above applies to ALL Vendors seeking to offer a product or service to the Federal Government. It is imperative that vendors have ALL the above items in place in order to locate contracts and be located for contracts. USBRI is the only organization that can facilitate, optimize and complete all the items displayed in this list. Click on Available Services to begin the process to become a Successful Government Contractor by ensuring ALL the tools and resources listed are properly in place with the correct codes and messages across all platforms and databases are matching. Simplifying the process for Contracting Officers and Prime Contractors is the most important task.