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sam.gov Federal SAM Registration Service

Submit your SAM Registration AT LEAST 60 DAYS PRIOR to Expiration or Award Deadline or it is highly likely you will experience an Inactive Period where payments cannot be processed, contracts cannot be awarded/bid on including ALL steps regarding Federal Grants due to the stricter examination & multi-step approval process

Due to New Security Protocols established by the General Services Administration’s (GSA) Federal Service Desk as of April 27th, 2018; ALL SAM Registration Submissions are now taking 4-6 weeks for Examination. About 2-3 weeks after submission, the Registrant will receive instructions from FSD (Federal Service Desk) notifying you to prepare and mail a very detailed Notarized Document with the subject matter, from whom and where to send. After strictly examining this document which must be completely correct and error free, a decision of “Approved” or “Request for Additional Documentation” (which adds an additional 2-3 weeks until the next determination is made). These steps are mandatory BEFORE any SAM Registration is approved, regardless if it is a New Registration, Renewal of a Registration or just Updating a Registration.

** Current total time for SAM Registration submission approvals if completed without professional guidance = 6-9 weeks average approval time
** Current total time for SAM Registration submission approvals with professional guidance = 4.2 weeks average approval time

USBRI will utilize our experience, contacts, access to resources, our name/reputation &  creative solutions to ensure your SAM Registration is submitted properly & fully compliant upon first submission to increase faster approval odds & minimize any negative impacts on your organization. Including:

  1. Maintaining Registration Compliance for the next 12 months including any updates and/or changes required
  2. One year of Unlimited Support from your Dedicated CRS (Certified Registration Specialist)
  3. Assistance in creatively saving contracts or grants due to tight deadlines
  4. Daily Contract Notifications
  5. Guidance on how to locate and win contracts, including being found for “No-Bid Contracts” not publicly posted and obtained through the Federal Acquisition Regulations Section 13 Simplified Acquisition Procedures (unknown by most vendors, MUST be a Small Business though)

Complete the online Filing Form if you wish to request USBRI’s services stated directly above:

  • You need to file a SAM Registration (New, Renew or Update)
  • You are applying for a Federal Grant on Grants.gov
  • You are a local or state government entity and you receive Federal Funding
  • You need to obtain a DUNS number, CAGE Code and SAM Registration
All fields with an * are considered mandatory in order to successfully submit your request.

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