Quick SAM Registration

Complete the online Filing Form if:

  • You need to file a new S.A.M Registration (previously CCR)
  • You need to file your Representations & Certifications (previously ORCA)
  • You are applying for a Federal Grant on Grants.gov
  • You are a local or state government entity and you receive Federal Funding
  • You need to obtain a CAGE Code for any reason
  • You are a PSE (private sector entity) and wish to conduct business with any Federal Government entity
  • You need to obtain a DUNS number, CAGE Code and S.A.M Registration (previously known as CCR Registration and ORCA Certification)
  • F.A.R. Regulations require that your organization have a CAGE Code

For SAM Registrations (previously CCR) and ORCA Certification Filings, please fill out all applicable fields. Additional information may be requested on the next screen. If an Emergency Rush is needed, please give the details of the Emergency Rush in the Comments field.

If no special issues or circumstances arise, the registration process with the IRS and DLA averages 3-5 business days once the proper documentation is received and submitted, which will be provided on the next screen.

All fields with an * are considered mandatory in order to successfully submit your request.

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