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  • Small Business - 23%
  • Woman Owned - 5%
  • Veteran Owned - 3%
  • 8(a) Program - 5%
  • HUBZone - 5%
  • Minority Owned - 5%
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Actions Taken by Successful Government Contractors

Small Business Certification


The Federal Government has mandated that 23% of all Federal Contracts must be awarded to a Certified Small Business (Small Business Certification). Most people do not know that Federal Contracts under $150,000 are Set-Aside for Certified Small Businesses and Federal Contracts below $25,000 are not posted to the public (so how do you win these?). State level governments and large distributors/retailers follow similar rules in some categories (each state differs).  Contracting Officers have annual quotas they must meet for specific Set-Aside categories including:

Small businesses need to have an Official Certification from the proper certifying agency for that category (multiple agencies involved).  Then more importantly, once a business has obtained a Certification, it must be reflected accordingly so Contracting Officers are aware of it.   Contracting Officers use multiple databases when searching for, verifying, paying and working with vendors. We are still in the growth and organizational phases of Government Procurement and the procedures used online. It is imperative for Certified businesses to have the correct registrations, certifications, detailed profiles in multiple databases, registered with specific agencies (industry dependent) and just overall have the most up-to-date detailed information listed across all government procurement platforms.

Contracting Officers do proactively call Certified Small Businesses to directly award “No-Bid Contracts” which are Federal contracts below $25,000. These “No-Bid Contracts” are not mandated to be posted to the public nor do they have to obtain multiple bids. Another important factor to know and understand are most Federal Contracts $150,000 and under are automatically Small Business Set-Asides. Small Businesses employ 80% of the U.S. workforce and that is the reason Small Businesses are protected and have regulations in place to ensure they get a piece of the pie.  USBRI can help these Small Businesses locate and win contracts in all levels of the government. USBRI has a software program that automatically pulls ALL NEW CONTRACTS posted by ALL LEVELS of the Government from 5000+ sources including:

  • Local Municipalities
  • County Governments
  • Federal Government
  • All 3 branches of the Military

These notifications can be received in a daily email with ONLY the contracts that pertain to your industry, business size, classification, geographic area along with a few other search parameters we can establish for daily individual reports. Complete the form below or call our Help Desk if you have any questions or need any further assistance.

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