Refund Policy

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Customer can cancel this agreement by sending an email to within 48 hours of the acceptance of this agreement and receipt of payment (full refund period). The email must include name of the business, business phone number, date of transaction and the word CANCEL in the body of the email. No refunds will be issued more than 48 hours after acceptance of this agreement or after a registration or certification application has been submitted (services rendered). I understand there is a 48 hour cancellation period and that no refunds will be issued after submission of any registration or certification. After 48 hours there will be a cancellation fee not to exceed the full amount of the purchase. No refunds will be issued after the initial 48 hour period of acceptance of this agreement. The customer agrees not to stop payment on any types of payment including but not limited to Credit Cards, Checks, ACH, or Check Drafts. Any charges of a stop payment or dispute to any bank or payment processor will be in direct violation of this agreement and all charges associated with this action will be passed on to the customer, not limited to attorney fees and bank charges. By acceptance of this agreement you are bound to all its Terms and Conditions..