USBRI Government Contracting Services

USBRI is the oldest organization (founded 2011) and most reputable (BBB Rating A+) registration firm in the world. We excel in all areas and branches thereof for every item listed below (list subject to change). We are the ONLY organization that offers Service Packages for Small Businesses to understand and become successful in Government Contracting (Federal, State & Local). Most all services come along with a dedicated CRS (Certified Registration Specialist) to offer Unlimited Support along the way. Our Help Desk is one of the very few where a commissioned sales person is not involved whatsoever. It is commonly known that most companies charge up-to 3X more than USBRI for similar services with less quality and extra costs of  unnecessary or made-up services. YOU MUST BE CAUTIOUS WHEN SEEKING ASSISTANCE DUE TO PHISHING SCAMS via PHONE & EMAIL.

Each year you are guaranteed there will be changes and additional information will be required and collected than the previous year. Most of these moves increase the security of the data at hand as well as highly decreasing the unethical and fraudulent activity from companies via phone and email solicitations including impersonating government employees. This is the primary reason USBRI started offering Multi-Year SAM Registrations over 5 years ago. We update and resubmit the SAM Registration every 6 months to ensure data is always up-to-date and compliant. With this peace of mind, one can disregard all the email solicitations received once registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) as well an any issues that may arise during the annual renewal process as we proactively keep them updated and ensure all data across all platforms matches and always remains up-to-date.

Almost every company utilizes Commissioned Consultants in which they create a “Customized Package” of many unnecessary services that don’t work or they created themselves (they sound good, but do not work that way in the real world). We stick to what is Official and what Actually Works. No other organization will publicly show all their prices as they change based on “your budget”.

For FEMA work, you will need to pick the first 2 packages, unless you already have an active SAM Registration, then you only need the $398 package.

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