USBRI Government Contracting Services

USBRI was founded in 2011 with a current BBB Rating of A+. We wanted to help Small Businesses and Organizations alike gain access to Federal Government Contracts and Grants. We are the ONLY organization focusing specifically on Small Businesses and how to enter the Government Contracting arena and be set up for success. To find success, it’s imperative for Small Businesses to understand the Federal Regulations that focus on helping them to win ‘No-Bid Contracts’ or ‘Small Business Set-Aside Contract’ $150,000 and less. Almost all of our services include a dedicated CRS (Certified Registration Specialist) to file your registrations and offer Unlimited Support along the way. Our Help Desk is one of the very few where a commissioned sales person is not answering the phone. Certified Registration Specialist’s are here to help organizations navigate the bureaucracy and red tape faster and more efficient. YOU MUST BE CAUTIOUS WHEN SEEKING ASSISTANCE DUE TO THE HIGH VOLUME OF PHISHING SCAMS via PHONE & EMAIL. BE VERY CAUTIOUS WHEN TAKING ANY TYPE OF ACTION FROM INCOMING CALLS OR EMAILS.

Each year you are guaranteed there will be changes and additional information that will be required and collected than was the previous year when filing your annual SAM Registration. Most of these changes increase the security of the data at hand as well as increasing the complexity and burden of time it takes to successfully get through these annual registrations. We have also seen phishing emails and incoming calls from salespeople or unethical organizations increase each year. This is the primary reason USBRI started offering Multi-Year SAM Registrations back in 2015. We update and resubmit the SAM Registration annually to ensure data is always up-to-date and the registration remains compliant per the current Federal Acquisition Regulations at time of submission. With this peace of mind, one can disregard all the email solicitations received once registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) as well an any issues that may arise during the annual renewal process as we proactively keep them updated and ensure all data across all platforms matches and remains up-to-date.

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