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  • Small Business - 23%
  • Woman Owned - 5%
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  • 8(a) Program - 5%
  • HUBZone - 5%
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The System for Award Management (SAM) Registration & Certification must be filed and approved by the IRS and DLA on an annual basis by any organization who receives Federal Payments in excess of $3000 USD (by assignment of CAGE Code and DUNS Number).  The SAM System is the entry point for managing all areas of Federal Procurement and is currently undergoing a multi-year multi-tiered mass migration of hundreds of databases and processes into one Management System that branches out into hundreds of directions.  It is critical in order to receive Federal Awards (payments) that this area is properly maintained and updated as changes progress.  A proper active SAM Registration & Certification insures an organization may receive Federal Awards (payments) in the form of Grants, Contracts, Orders and other Federal Assistance Payments.

The initial SAM Registration is ONLY giving approval to receive Federal Monies, Governmental Agencies access and locate approved vendors by way of other more specific searchable databases based on contract size and business size.  After successfully completing the SAM Registration & Certification, it is highly advised to speak with a CRS (Certified Registration Specialist) to identify which Federal Regulations best apply to your scenario and where you should concentrate your time.  If this is not known and is disregarded, then you are missing 90% of your available opportunities by not taking advantage of specific Regulations put in place to help you. This is the same as starting a new business and not giving anyone your contact information.  To actually locate or be located  by Federal Contracting Officers, organizations need to be listed and updated annually not only in SAM, but in the proper searchable databases pertaining to their NAICS Codes/Purchasing Agencies/Set-a-Side Status/Geographic area and most importantly – Contract Size and Prime or Sub? Take 5-10 minutes to call and speak with a CRS as they are there as a resource to be utilized.

United States Business Registration is a service firm that handles and manages the System for Award Management (S.A.M.) Registration & Certification process for contractors, vendors, non-profits and government agencies directly with the IRS and DLA.  USBRI offers assistance to organizations of all sizes who provide a product or service to the Federal Government or applies for Federal Grants/Assistance/Funding.  We physically prepare and process the SAM Registration & Certification filings for organizations by facilitating the entire application process and working towards the fastest approval by the IRS and DLA.  We ensure proper assignment of a CAGE Code, MPIN, NAICS Codes, PSC Codes, FSC Codes and all other necessary code assignments.  Once approval is received, we advise the organization as to what specific resources and databases they should be utilizing to complete their specific reason for requiring or wanting to be registered in SAM to receive Federal Monetary Payments or Funding.  A dedicated CRS is assigned to all organizations for a 12 month period for assistance and guidance when needed and try to answer any question ever arising regarding Government Procurement.  Whether you are already registered and need to know how to locate contracts or you are brand new to the Government Sector and wish to grow your business, a CRS will be able to assist you with all these matters and get you started in the right direction with the proper tools to be successful.


In order to be eligible for a Federal Contract, Award, Assistance or Grant; organizations must have an active and compliant SAM Registration in place that has been approved by the IRS and DLA. Once an organization has that in place, they will have the ability to view, bid on and be awarded Federal Government Contracts, Awards, Grants and many other Federally funded projects.

To officially be considered as a small business and gain access to the Federally Mandated 23% Small Business Set-a-Side Contracts, organizations must complete the SAM Registration & Certification approval process. A business size is determined by the proper assignment of NAICS Codes, average annual revenue and the number of their annual FTEs (full time equivalent employees).


The United States Federal Government requires all SAM Registrants to conduct an annual and/or semi-annual renewal of their registration and/or certification in order to maintain the most up-to-date data system possible. Any changes or new additions to an entity should be updated in a reasonable time frame. Organizations that fail to conduct the mandatory annual renewal process are at risk of being denied Federal contracts/awards/funding. Organizations that fail to update necessary Entity Management Core Data will automatically be considered Non-Compliant. Any lapse in the SAM registration may also place a hold on funds payable to your organization. USBRI ensures to notify you at 90/60/30 days prior to expiration in order to avoid such a lapse. Many Federal Awards require an organization to have at least 90 days validity when awarding a contract to an organization.



The United States Federal Government has the world’s largest budget for purchases and grants assistance. Being the largest purchaser of goods and services by spending over $462.2 billion USD in FY 2013 in Federal Contracts alone. The Federal Government awarded over $520.6 billion USD in Federal Grants and Assistance Awards in that same period of the FY 2013.

Recent legislation such as the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act and the Small Business Act help to create equal opportunities for small businesses to participate in the Federal Procurement process. The Federal Government is required to award at least 23% of all contracting dollars exclusively to small businesses.

In addition to the private and commercial sector, there is the government sector. As the government does not produce anything themselves, they must purchase every part, supply and service that they need to operate. To gain access to this sector, one must properly complete the SAM Registration for proper industry and size classification of their organization. Once approved, they have access to view, bid on and be awarded Federal Contracts, Grants and other Government Contracts and Opportunities.

Organizations can double classify themselves for Contracts and Grants to be eligible for both. The job of the Certified Registration Specialist is to ensure the SAM Registration is completed properly with the needs of the organization being represented and properly classified. It is absolutely vital that organizations wishing to enter the Federal marketplace take advantage of all the tools and resources put in place by the Federal Government to be successful. Once approved, they have access to the most up-to-date lists of Federal Contract and Grants as well as having the ability to be awarded either one.


The System for Award Management is the payment processing system the Federal Government uses to approve and disperse Federal Funds. S.A.M. Registration is needed by: Government Contractors, Grant Recipients, Assistance Recipients, Cities, Towns and Federal Agencies themselves.


United States Business Registration assigns a dedicated Certified Registration Specialist (CRS) to all organizations regardless of size to physically process the government registration paperwork for the organization. The CRS will ensure proper filing and assignment of all NAICS/PSC/FSC Codes/etc. Organizations can download the forms themselves and attempt the process on their own by utilizing the SAM User’s Guide (320+ pgs) and the Federal Acquisitions Regulation (FAR) Manual (2000+ pgs) for assistance if not utilizing a CRS. We find that 80% of organizations who attempt the process on their own without CRS assistance end up being non-compliant due to incomplete registrations, code misclassification, omissions and other common errors. It is highly suggested by Federal Contract Officers to utilize the assistance of a professional to ensure accurate filing, especially when trying to establish and be approved for a new registration.

Once a business / organization is properly registered in SAM and approved by the IRS and DLA, they will have the ability to view / bid on / receive up-to-date contracts and awards.

United States Business Registration physically processes the SAM Registration filings for organizations. Dedicated Certified Registration Specialists (CRS) ensure they are properly classified and remain federally compliant throughout the year of service. Any lapse in the registration can result in missed opportunities and delayed funding. USBRI gives small businesses access to the same resources and tools that fortune 500 companies contracting with the government have the privilege of using. Much like a Consultant, they help organizations and non-profits with:

  • Proper completion of the required SAM Registration & Certification Application Process (DUNS #, Codes, MPIN, Certifications)
  • Assignment of proper CAGE Code, NAICS/PSC/FSC Codes, Industry Classification and Socioeconomic Status (avoid lost opportunities due to common misclassifications)
  • FEMA Vendor Profile Registration (if applicable)
  • Grants.gov Registration for Non-Profit Firms (if applicable)
  • Dedicated CRS (Certified Registration Specialist) support for questions, changes, issues and updates for 12 months
  • FBO recurring daily contract search agent report set-up
  • Access to additional tools and resources depending on organization classification and industry type

To begin the SAM Registration process now:

  1. Complete & Submit the Online SAM Registration & Certification Request Form (or print as a pdf document at the bottom of the same screen)
  2. Download and fill out the Simplified Worksheets (detailed information about your organization used for filing, burden of time 45 minutes)
  3. Certified Registration Specialist contacts you within 24 business hours
  4. Return Completed Worksheets via fax, email or postal service
  5. Wait for approval which normally takes 5-10 business days
  6. For Emergency Registration, call the Registration Department directly at 1-888-646-9998 opt. 2 or notate details of the situation in the comments section on the Registration Request Form

(Click Here to Request NEW SAM REGISTRATION & CERTIFICATION Filing Assistance)


According to the FAR Manual, any person who fails to file or amend a declaration required to be filed or amended shall be subject to a civil penalty of not less than $10,000 and not more than $100,000 for each such failure as stated in FAR 31 U.S.C. 1352-(C) (2).


SAM includes the following components and modules to complete the comprehensive filing process:

Core Data:

  • DUNS Information
  • Business Information
  • IRS Consent – Business & TIN Information
  • General Information
  • Financial Information
  • Executive Compensation Questions
  • Proceeding Questions
  • Information Opt-Out
  • Ownership Detail Disclosure


  • Goods & Services
  • North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Codes
  • Product Service Codes (PSC)
  • Size Metrics
  • EDI Information
  • Disaster Relief Response Information

Representations & Certifications (Reps & Certs):

  • Certificate of Independent Price Determination
  • Representation of Limited Rights Data and Restricted Computer Software
  • Taxpayer Identification
  • Small Disadvantaged Business Status
  • Small Business Program Representations
  • Place of Performance – Sealed Bidding
  • Equal Low Bids
  • FAR Responses to Architect-Engineer Responses
  • DFARS Responses

Points of Contact (POCs):

  • Accounts Receivable POC
  • Electronic Business POC
  • Government Business POC
  • Past Performance POC
  • Electronic Business Alternate POC
  • Government Business Alternate POC


  • SBA Profile Creation
  • Socio-economic Category Certifications


  • Service Contract Reporting
  • Bio-Preferred Reporting


  • Active Exclusions
  • Inactive Exclusions